XY Charts

Any columns of values in the data table can be plotted in an XY plot. The XY plot is interactive, so that clicking on a plot symbol will result in the corresponding spectrum being drawn in the spectrum window. Any column in the table (typically the Grouper's group name) can be used to choose the color and symbol for the plotted items.

Box Plots of Data

Box Plots are a technique of exploratory statistics that graphically render a distribution of data values. They are particularly useful for comparing the statistical distribution of different groups of data. Any quantitative data extracted from spectra or imported into the data table within dataChord can be displayed as a Box Plot. Groups of data are selected with the Grouper tool. Different groupings of data can be quickly made and the Box Plot updated.


2 August 2016: New Versions of NMRView, dataChord Spectrum Miner and Analyst, and NvFX

New Google Groups for NMRViewJ and NMRFx Processor

Our first publication on NMRFx appears at the Journal of Biomolecular NMR