Multiple Spectra

There is no fundamental limit on the number of spectra that can be displayed. Multiple spectra can be displayed in separate "toplevel" windows, or packed into a grid within one toplevel window. Crosshairs are correlated between windows in an automatic and intuitive way.

Spectra Properties

You can prepare spectra displays for publication right within NMRViewJ. You have control over attributes such as the fonts used for axes and peaks, axis width, grid display, tic mark spacing, foreground and background colors

Overlaid Spectra

You can display an unlimited number of datasets within one spectra. A variety of predefined color schemes can be applied to the spectra to give sequential, divergent or qualitatively different colors for the spectra within a window. One button click saves the colors and contour level settings to a parameter file so that those datasets will be displayed with the same colors and contours when reopened. Colors of the datasets can be also be individually selected from a color chooser that gives you the option of using transparent colors.


Slices through datasets can be displayed on the contour plot and can represent vectors extracted in any orientation of 2D, 3D and 4D spectra.

Orthogonal Data Views

When using datasets in a submatrix format (such as that used by NMRViewJ, Bruker, Felix and others) you can display spectra in any orientation. There is no performance limitation in the choice used, and interactive GUI and key bindings allow you to easily flip around. Here a grid of windows is shown with the same dataset in four different orientations.

Strip Plots

NMRViewJ provides powerful features for coordinated analysis of spectra with its RunAbout tool (see below), but one often wants to set up an explicit display of a series of strips of one or more datasets. The Strips tool allows for an unlimited number of datasets to be displayed with varying offsets and rows. Here HNCA and HNCACB datasets are displayed in alternate columns of the first row, and HNCO and HNCACO datasets in alternate columns of the second row.

Synchronized Windows

RunAbout and the Strips tool allow coordinated display of spectra, but you can also set up explicit synchronization of datasets. You can choose to synchronize any set of windows on one or more axes, using coordinates calculated in either PPM or points.


2 August 2016: New Versions of NMRView, dataChord Spectrum Miner and Analyst, and NvFX

New Google Groups for NMRViewJ and NMRFx Processor

Our first publication on NMRFx appears at the Journal of Biomolecular NMR